The Beginning

Sean Rezel is a guitarist who took an interest to music at an early age due to his family’s love for music. His uncle, Leonard Rezel and uncle-in-law Patrick Chan are professionals in the music industry, the latter having studied music in Berklee College of Music and the former a well-known guitarist in Singapore. Sean picked up guitar at the age of 15 and within one month during the school holidays in June; learnt all the basic chords on an old, second hand Aria Pro electric guitar.

Influences as a Guitarist

Sean’s guitar playing style is heavily influenced by Pearl Jam’s rhythm guitarist, Stone Gossard. His other heroes are rhythm guitarist Steve Cropper and Keith Richards. Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, it was unavoidable that Sean’s music was heavily influenced by the ‘Seattle Sound’ and its Grunge movement with bands such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, Green River and Mother Love Bone.

Mary J. Sex Asylum

Sean started off writing music with his close friend Clive Danker whom he later started Mary J. Sex Asylum with. The band, which is Sean’s first band as rhythm guitarist, had good success, playing gigs and getting recognition from the extremely skeptical Singapore music scene in the early 90s. The band produced an EP; Minutes to Midnight; where Sean’s original composition; 205; was the main song.

Dan, Dinesh & Sean

Sean started up the group ‘Dan, Dinesh and Sean’, a 3 piece guitar group in 2000 to record an EP, Wilder. The EP had some limited success and it had been carried by stores like Tower Records and HMV in Singapore.

Jade and Confused

After a short period playing in a church band, Sean met Canadian Michael Worrow in mid-2001 and was drafted in a new band called Jade and Confused with Jade Mclean, Carl Bouthillette, Jon Phillips and Gareth Pearson. Jade and Confused were the first expat band in Singapore and was an immediate hit with the Expat community in the region. The band played shows locally as well as regionally in Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Rogue Traders

When Jade and Confused disbanded in 2004 after a large number of band members moved back to their native countries, Sean formed The Rogue Traders with Jade’s brother, Miles Mclean. The Rogue Traders had immense success as well and played big festivals and events in Singapore and the region. A large fan base followed Miles Mclean (lead singer), Chris Taylor (lead guitarist), Simon Hyett (drummer), Mark Bluestone (Bassist), Renze Elzinga (Keyboardist) and Sean Rezel (rhythm guitarist) wherever they played.

The Project Band

The Project Band was born out of the ashes of The Rogue Traders which disbanded in December 2008, and is to date, the most talented and creative band that Sean Rezel has put together. Sam Randall from Geniac and other professional bands in the UK had met Sean online and Sean quickly put together a fearsome lineup consisting of professional and highly acclaimed, Grammy Nominated drummer Jerry Chua as well as Paige McGregor, a professional singer from Sydney, Australia. With the Flea like presence of another Grammy Nominated professional bassist Ramil ‘Duke’ Purisima and multi-talented young keyboard player Bobby Chan, The Project is now one of the most sought after bands in Singapore. In June 2010, Pablo Calzado, a professional drummer from Cuba took up the drum stool after Jerry Chua stood down due to work related issues. Further changes to the lineup were made in 2013, Sarah Yong joining the band in place of the Hong Kong bound Paige McGregor and Renze Elzinga in place of New Zealand bound Bobby Chan.

Ninth Order

Ninth Order is an originals and covers band that Sean Rezel started with Sunny Deo. The band wrote and recorded an album, Mystic String, which was produced by Grammy Nominee Duke Purisima and mixed and mastered by another Grammy Nominee, Jerry Chua.